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SPSS Rolls Out Clementine Version 11

by Alex Woodie

Business intelligence software developer SPSS recently unveiled a new version of Clementine, the data mining software that’s often deployed alongside CRM systems to help detect customer patterns, like fraud. Version 11 includes better data cleansing and transformation capabilities, many new calculations, and improved output.

Clementine is one of several predictive analytics products from SPSS that help companies improve their visibility into their customers’ buying trends and habits. In a nutshell, the software accomplishes this little feat of magic by analyzing information on past circumstances along with present events, and projecting their future actions, such as whether they might stop being customers, or try to rip somebody off.

With version 11, SPSS is aiming to make predicting the future even easier. The product includes new algorithms for credit scoring, complex pricing models, CRM and response modeling, forecasting, and rule-based models that incorporate users’ business knowledge, the company says.

Future predictions will arrive earlier than before, thanks to better tooling with Clementine, according to SPSS. The new release includes more robust transformation capabilities, more automated data cleansing, and the use of “optimal binning” to enable more predictive power, the company says. What’s more, the new Binary Classifier feature makes it easier to build multiple models simultaneously, so that the user can pick the best one.

The future is also clearer with Clementine 11.0 thanks to a new graphics engine that makes it easier to generate and edit images, and closer integration with SPSS statistical products.

Unfortunately for iSeries shops, the OS/400 version of Clementine is still several months away from general availability, according to SPSS officials; the Windows version is available now. Stay tuned for more coverage of Clementine for iSeries in an upcoming issue of this newsletter.

SAS ranked best in data mining

CARY, N.C. — SAS, the leader in business intelligence was voted Best Data Mining Toolset vendor for the third consecutive year. Value, reliability and broad applicability are the hallmarks of the Intelligent Enterprise Readers’ Choice Awards, the annual pick of preferred vendors. SAS also received 87 percent of votes in the customer satisfaction category for Web/Clickstream Analytics, tying for the top spot.

“SAS has a successful 30-year track record developing proven analytics capabilities,” said Mary Crissey, Analytics Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “Our investment in breath of analytics and accuracy leads the industry. Intelligent Enterprise readers who are SAS customers enjoy the solid analytical foundation that is needed to gain the competitive edge.”

“Each year, subscribers select their preferred vendors, and SAS was a clear leader,” said Doug Henschen, Editor of Intelligent “Hundreds of readers voiced their confidence in technology excellence through their ballots.”

DataFlux, a SAS company, also received the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Quality and Profiling software.

SAS Analytics Software is Unmatched in the Industry

SAS offers an integrated suite of analytics software that allows customers to formulate and evolve their analysis to obtain the best results and discover insights hidden in new data more quickly and easily than before using SAS.

SAS Enterprise Miner streamlines the entire data mining process from data access to model deployment by supporting all necessary tasks within a single, integrated solution, all while providing the flexibility for efficient workgroup collaborations. Delivered as a distributed client/server system, it is especially well-suited for data mining in large organizations. SAS Enterprise Miner is designed for data miners, marketing analysts, database marketers, risk analysts, fraud investigators, engineers and scientists who face difficult challenges in solving critical business or research issues.

The SAS Web Analytics solution delivers accurate, up-to-date information on an organization’s entire Web presence. The solution turns high volumes of Web data into key metrics specific to the business, enabling decision makers to determine the success of online operations and to proactively refine business strategies as needed.

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About SAS
SAS is the leader in business intelligence software and services. Customers at 40,000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight into vast amounts of data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products. Only SAS offers leading data integration, intelligence storage, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications within a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.