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EMC Data Hero Awards

EMC has created a new award that:

“honors individuals and organizations that have taken the initiative to explore what is imminent and possible with Big Data technologies and create solutions that have a profound impact on individual lives, organizations and entire industries. An independent panel of judges will assess each entry and select Data Hero Award winners based on the following criteria:

– Impact to business and society
– Innovation and creativity to create groundbreaking processes and solutions
– Value in generating ROI, business impact or societal change
– Overall “Wow Factor” ”

Check out the details at There are a few weeks remaining if you would like to nominate someone.

Videos from GigaOm Structure Big Data Conference

Here are the videos from the Giga Om Big Data Conference that just concluded in New York. One of the talks featured Greenplum founder Luke Lonergan. And here’s another talking about Open Source’s role in big data.

I’m interested to hear how this conference compared to the O’Reilly Strata Conference.

Upcoming events (March, April 2009)

Here are a couple event reminders from the Cloudera website.

Web 2.0 Expo 2009
Scaling with Your Data: An Introduction to Hadoop
March 31, 1:00 PM, 2009, San Francsico , California

Cloudera will provide a tutorial aimed at producers and users of large volumes of data. Do you deal with TBs on a regular basis? Are traditional databases not doing what you need? Are your challenges related primarily to processing and analyzing data, rather than simply finding it? Hadoop and MapReduce might be just what you need.

Use the following discount code for 35% off admission: websf09spr35

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009
MapReduce + SQL Using Open Source Software and Tools
April 20, 1:30 PM, 2009, Santa Clara , California

Cloudera will host a tutorial on using Hadoop with MySQL. We will go over how to combine MapReduce and SQL to perform more in depth analysis on your data. Participants will learn how to use Hadoop to extract data from MySQL (and other sources), perform arbitrarily complex analysis with MapReduce, and load the results back into MySQL so they are available to existing systems.

Use the following discount code for 20% off admission: mys09fsp