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Trends on Twitter

Check out Twist to see what the current trends on Twitter are. Here’s an example chart for the word “shopping” that shows relatively consistent levels over the week with an increase starting on Thursday and reaching a peak on Friday.

Omniture implements Twitter tracking

Check out the blog post from Omniture about their new Twitter tracking capabilities.  And is a sample of how a developer could implement the solution.

These are the 4 key questions the solution seeks to answer…

  1. How often is your company mentioned on Twitter?
  2. Is there ever a spike (positive or negative) in brand-related terms (in a week, day or even hourly)?
  3. Who are the people most often mentioning your company on social media tools and who are they communicating with the most?
  4. When are people on social media tools mentioning key product/service features that your Product Managers should know about?