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Hadoop hardware

If you’re interested in using Hadoop as a tool within your enterprise, it can be quite an endeavor – figuring out what software components you need, what configuration you need, and what hardware it should run on. Lots of people are running different configurations and while the community does share a lot of information, there aren’t many good recaps of hardware being used. Monash Research has a good writeup that also compares how Hadoop hardware has changed over the past couple years.

6 things you can do with analytics

According to DBMS2, there are six useful things you can do with analytic technology:

* You can make an immediate decision.
* You can plan in support of future decisions.
* You can research, investigate, and analyze in support of future decisions.
* You can monitor what’s going on, to see when it necessary to decide, plan, or investigate.
* You can communicate, to help other people and organizations do these same things.
* You can provide support, in technology or data gathering, for one of the other functions.

Read the DBMS2 article for more info.