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Videos from GigaOm Structure Big Data Conference

Here are the videos from the Giga Om Big Data Conference that just concluded in New York. One of the talks featured Greenplum founder Luke Lonergan. And here’s another talking about Open Source’s role in big data.

I’m interested to hear how this conference compared to the O’Reilly Strata Conference.

Greenplum offers single node edition for free

Database vendor, Greenplum, is now offering a free download of the single node version of its database. It is available for several different operating systems. Here’s a DBMS2 article with some more information.

In another DBMS2 article, there’s some information about the pace of Greenplum’s recent customer acquisitions which bring it to 100+ as of this quarter.

And finally, here’s some information about Greenplum’s pricing: either subscription or perpetual.

Web analytics databases keep getting bigger

Who has the biggest database? Due to the increasing amount of behavioral information tracked during a web browsing session, some internet properties are starting to rack up some pretty hefty databases.

Ebay has a 6.5 petabyte Greenplum warehouse and a 2.5 petabyte Teradata warehouse. This system ingests hundreds of billions of new rows of data every day.
Facebook has a 2.5 petabyte Hadoop system
Yahoo has more than 1 petabyte running on their homemade system