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Kaggle hosts data mining competitions

Kaggle has hosted several data mining competitions, similar to the Netflix prize, but recently announced a new and big one. It’s called the Heritage Health Prize and the prize has been set at $3M. The focus on the prize is being able to predict when a person needs to go to the hospital before they actually make a visit. Here’s some more info from O’Reilly Radar. And here is Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle announcing the contest at the Strata Conference…

Analytics to benefit electronic health records?

There has been a lot of discussion recently about creating a national system of electronic healthcare records. Generally the discussion centers around reducing healthcare costs by creating efficiencies of exchanging patient information. This article from SiliconValley.com suggests that analytics might be another way this database could benefit everyone. With all the information collected in a national database, data mining techniques could be employed to determine ineffective or costly treatments.