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What the data world can learn from the fashion industry

The O’Reilly Research team asked Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion, and Julie Steele, coauthor of Beautiful Visualization and Designing Data Visualizations, to take a closer look at the increasing role of data in the fashion industry in their new report, “Fashioning Data: How fashion industry leaders innovate with data and what you can learn from what they know.” There are some surprising applications of data and analytics in the fashion industry — applications that are useful regardless of the industry or organization you work within. Check out the new report.

Backtype social analytics platform

San Francisco startup, Backtype, launched their social analytics platform. They say they have a real-time, high tech stream data processing system that goes beyond what Facebook and Twitter have. They call it ElephantDB. Read the Techcrunch article and also check out the Backtype tech blog for info on their architecture.

Here’s an article from O’reilly Radar about Backtype and other social analytics companies.

Kaggle hosts data mining competitions

Kaggle has hosted several data mining competitions, similar to the Netflix prize, but recently announced a new and big one. It’s called the Heritage Health Prize and the prize has been set at $3M. The focus on the prize is being able to predict when a person needs to go to the hospital before they actually make a visit. Here’s some more info from O’Reilly Radar. And here is Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle announcing the contest at the Strata Conference…