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Backtype social analytics platform

San Francisco startup, Backtype, launched their social analytics platform. They say they have a real-time, high tech stream data processing system that goes beyond what Facebook and Twitter have. They call it ElephantDB. Read the Techcrunch article and also check out the Backtype tech blog for info on their architecture.

Here’s an article from O’reilly Radar about Backtype and other social analytics companies.

Facebook patents friend based search results

The search results we see most everywhere are based on the systematic estimation of the relevance of the page. What Facebook recent patent specs out is the ability to determine and display the search results based on what a person’s friends or friends of their friends found relevant. Very interesting. Check out the Inside Facebook article for more, including what the impacts to competitive offerings like Google Me could be.

Torrent of 100+ million Facebook users’ data available

Another reason to check in on your Facebook profile security settings… A security specialist at SkullSecurity.com has created a torrent containing the public data for 100+ million Facebook users and is widely distributing it. While there’s nothing wrong with this since all the info is public, it does cause one to thing about what can be done with all the information that many users are exposing. Check out the Techcrunch article.

Omniture implements Twitter tracking

Check out the blog post from Omniture about their new Twitter tracking capabilities.  And is a sample of how a developer could implement the solution.

These are the 4 key questions the solution seeks to answer…

  1. How often is your company mentioned on Twitter?
  2. Is there ever a spike (positive or negative) in brand-related terms (in a week, day or even hourly)?
  3. Who are the people most often mentioning your company on social media tools and who are they communicating with the most?
  4. When are people on social media tools mentioning key product/service features that your Product Managers should know about?