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Reorder stacked columns in Excel charts

Making charts in Excel is something we all do quite frequently. When you make a stacked column chart in Excel, the columns are normally stacked in whatever order you put the series in. Check out this how-to guide for reorganizing the columns so the largest values are on the bottom of each column. Using this approach will help you more easily compare the biggest feature of your data set from one observation to the next.

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Adding one value to every record in a table in MS Access

Someone just asked me how to do this so I am going to post my solution in case it will help others…

Situation: You have a table of email addresses (and that’s it) of clients from the Boston DMA. You want to add a new field called DMA and assign all records the value of “Boston”

Solution: Make a query that includes your email address table. Include email address as one filed and add a new one. The new one will be called DMA and have a value of “Boston”. The SQL would look something like this…

SELECT [EmailList].emailaddress, “Boston” AS DMA
FROM [EmailList];

another option that would make a new table (called dmatable) for the info would be…

SELECT [EmailList].emailaddress, “Boston” AS DMA INTO dmatable
FROM [EmailList];